How Many Days Should I Stay in Malta?

Malta Streets

If you are planning for a getaway that is memorable and packed with the loveliest sceneries, you may want to take a look at Malta as your next destination trip. 

However, if you are not so sure as to how long should you book your stay in Malta, there are a few things that you should consider. Whether it’s just an overnight trip or a week-long vacation, it’s important to have an itinerary to enjoy Malta to the fullest. 

One day in Malta

A one-day trip to Malta is definitely not enough for you to enjoy it to the fullest. Since you will be arriving at the Malta International Airport in Valletta, it’s best that you maximize the capital city of Malta. 

Don’t worry, because Valletta is still a sight to see, especially with the fortified city of Valletta that boasts of palazzos and buildings of modern Baroque architecture.

Heralded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valletta is a charming gem that just one day in Malta will make a worthy trip. 

With a rich history dating back to centuries ago, there are also many monuments and museums in Malta that mark historical events. You can visit St. John Co-Cathedral, which was erected by the Knights of St. John. 

If you love strolling, Valletta also has vibrant and lush gardens. The Upper Barrakka Gardens is a breathtaking place situated beside the Castille Palace. It offers a great panoramic view of the Grand Harbour and surrounding cities. 

In the afternoon, you can also check out the temple of Hagar Qim, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has relics and artefacts that date back to 2400 BC. 

But if you still want to splash around waters and take a dip, you should also visit the Blue Grotto. You can go diving and snorkelling in the caves of Blue Grotto. 

Two days in Malta

1st Day

If you have more than one day in Malta, you’re lucky you can explore more than Valletta.

Assuming that you spent your first day in Valletta, the second day is more exciting and filled with thrill-seeking adventures. Here’s what you can do on your second day in Malta. 

Check out the three Harbour Towns, Vittoriosa, Cospicua, and Isla. Aside from the stunning views, the three cities are perfect for late brunches, especially with their exquisite wine bars and restaurants. 

2nd Day

If you love vibrant city life, include St. Julian’s should in your itinerary. This seaside city has a vast array of five-star hotels and swimming spots, such as the Ballutta Bay, where you can wallow in during late afternoons. 

Three days in Malta

1st Day

You may think a three-day holiday in Malta is enough, then you’re mistaken. But if you are cannot extend your three-day trip, then this is the perfect itinerary for you. 

Of course, Valletta is still a must-see for visiting tourists. So make sure you maximize your first day in the gem city by exploring as many fortified walls and buildings and visiting museums and monuments. 

2nd Day

Live the best island life as you visit the seaside city of St. Julian’s. Malta is also a paradise for those who love long walks and hikes. Take a stroll on the Blue Grotto. You can also have a seaside picnic.

And for the rest of the day, you can walk along the streets of Mdina and maybe go out for a couple of drinks in the wine bars in St. Julian’s. 

3rd Day

For your third day, you can also visit Malta’s island sister, Gozo. There you can try out different watersports and activities. It’s also an excellent spot if you are with friends or kids.

You can get to Gozo by taking a ferry at the Cirkewwa harbour. You can also go island hopping and visit Comino as well. 

Four days in Malta

1st Day

A four-day trip to Malta is an ideal way to spend your Mediterranean holiday. It’s not too short for you to miss out and get bored with fun things.

With that, there are many things that you can do in Malta in just three nights and four days. 

When visiting Malta, Valletta is a gem of a city that should not be missed. Make sure you go to the three cities of Cospicua, Senglosa, and Vittoriosa. 

2nd Day

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, visiting Mdina is a must! With its historic landscapes and architectures, it would feel as if you’re transported to a medieval tale. 

3rd Day

Make sure you also visit Malta’s sister island, Gozo. With just a ferry ride away, you can experience the wonder of Gozo. Whether you love boat rides or more active watersports such as diving and snorkelling, this island has so much to offer. 

4th Day

For your last day, make sure to take a trip down the lovely village of Marsaxlokk. This cosy fisherman’s settlement is an excellent place for taking pictures since their waters are filled with colourful boats. 

Five days in Malta

1st Day

Want to live the best island life? Then book your hotel rooms for five days! There are lots of things to do in just five days.

Whether you’re down for swimming or visiting historical landmarks or a staycation at the best hotel, a five-day trip is enough to do all of that.

And still, we suggest that you first explore the wonders of Valletta and relive the medieval times. 

2nd Day

Mdina is also a stunning place for you to visit. Make sure to snap pics of St. Paul’s Cathedral and its museum. There are also centuries-old palazzos, such as the Falson Palace and Vilhena Palace.

To top off your fairy tale holiday, take a stroll along the palace moats which turned to gardens. 

Aside from being a vacation island, Malta is also an important place for Roman Catholics.

Mdina’s neighbouring city, Rabat, is filled with monuments of St. Paul the Apostle who was shipwrecked in the coasts of Malta. 

3rd Day

For your third day, make sure you visit Gozo island. You can visit Victoria, the biggest city on the island. Once in there, make sure you visit the Citadella which rests on top of a hill, providing a scenic panoramic view of Victoria. 

4th Day

Go island-hopping from Gozo to Comino, Malta’s smallest island. Tourists flock the Blue Lagoon for its crystal clear turquoise waters surrounded by majestic rock formations.

Make sure you have your swimsuit with you because a dip on the Blue Lagoon is a must! 

5th Day

For your last day, get ready to be mesmerized by the enchanting Blue Grotto, a sea cave which you can visit by boat. Make sure you also visit Marsaxlokk, the little fisherman’s village.

The vibrant, colorful boats steered by the townfolks. You can buy gifts and souvenirs at the Marsaxlokk market.

The Popeye village remains one of the most popular places in Malta that tourists visit. It is the same place where Robin Williams filmed one of his movies.

Six days in Malta

1st Day

For your six-day vacation, explore the historical sites that made Malta the island gem it is. The capital city of Valletta boasts of historical sites.

You can also visit the gorgeous Sliema and Manoel Island which you can get to by ferry from Valletta. 

2nd Day

If you want to get a glimpse of the medieval times, visit Mdina during your vacation in Malta. Explore temples, preserved catacombs, and fortified cities dating back to the 16th century.

Among the things you can visit are the Game of Thrones filming site and St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

If you are curious about traditional art and crafts, glass blowing is a traditional technique that locals still practice up to this day.

Mdina Glass is one of Europe’s leading glassmaking shops, and you can actually buy souvenirs and gifts there.

3rd Day

Explore the rest of the archipelago as you go island hopping from Malta to Gozo and Comino. If you prefer swimming and other activities such as snorkelling, boat riding, and diving, then these two islands will surely complete your holiday.

4th Day

For a relaxing detour, take a trip to Marsaxlokk, a humble yet charming fisherman’s village. This picturesque town has its waters brimming with traditional colourful boats.

They also have a market place where you can buy souvenirs and traditional items curated by local artisans. 

5th Day

For more watersports adventure, allot your sixth day to visiting the Bugibba near St. Paul’s Bay. You can try out diving and snorkelling with Buddies Dive Cove. 

For a less active trip, you can check out the Malta National Aquarium. It has a curved shell structure that shelters 250 different species. 

6th Day

Head to the northwest part of Malta to take a dip on Golden Sun. With its fine sands and a breathtaking sunset view, it’s no wonder that tourists flock the beach.

The Environmental Education recognizes the Golden Sun as a Blue Flag Beach awardee because of its environmentally clean beaches.

Seven days in Malta

If you just can’t get enough with Malta, you can definitely enjoy Malta to the fullest. With an island country brimming with culture, history, and natural swimming spots, a seven-day vacation in Malta is one for the books.

1st Day 

On the first day, make sure you explore the Three Cities and Valletta. Its historical landmarks, monuments, temples, and gardens will take you back to medieval Malta.

You can also get coffee at the flower-adorned Caffe Cordina, or if you are a big shopaholic, Republic Square and Merchant Street are home to many stores, boutiques, and kiosks. 

2nd Day

Visit the fortified city of Mdina for more religious and historical sites. Malta’s patron saint, St. Paul, was shipwrecked on the island and converted the people to Catholicism.

With that, you can visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and Catacomb to know more about Malta’s history. 

3rd Day

Hop on a ferry at Cirkewwa on the third day and visit Gozo. There are many tourist attractions in Gozo, so it’s best to allot at least two days there to complete your Malta trip.

You can visit the Citadella, a fortified fortress in the city of Victoria. There are dungeons and cathedrals that you can see in the Citadella.

If you are a coffee lover, there are coffee shops and restaurants that you can check out on Republika Street and Fortunato Mizzi Street.

For the night, spend it on old authentic farmhouses to feel the slow-paced rural life in Gozo. You can also book a room at the Kempinski Hotel for a more secluded private island getaway. 

4th Day

Don’t miss out on experiencing the waters of Gozo. Less crowded than the beaches and bays in Malta, but just as much as pristine and clear, Gozo has many swimming spots you and your family can try.

Watersports and activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving, are a must-try. 

Located in the northwest of Gozo, the Azure Window, a natural arch formed by erosion and the crashing of the waves, is a sight to behold. You can also visit the Inland Sea in San Lawrenz by boat. 

However, if you are more into swimming, the San Blas Beach is a must-visit place. With its great waters and red sands and breath-taking rock formations surrounding the place, you will definitely enjoy your vacation. You can also visit the Ramla Bay if you have your kids with you.

There are many kiosks, snack bars, and restaurants within the vicinity of Ramla Bay, making it an excellent choice for those traveling with kids and family. 

5th Day

Enjoy the streets of Sliema as you shop for souvenirs of your Malta trip. Bisazza Street and the Strand is home to more than 600 shops and boutiques. 

Since you have been on the go for a few days already, check out some rejuvenating spa experience in Sliema. 

6th Day

Tired from all those activities the past couple of days, you can unwind in the hotels of St. Julian’s in luxury and style. Pamper yourselves with spas and relaxing body massages.

Tourists, whether local or foreign, can visit a lot of hotels when they are in Malta. Places like St. Julian have the best hotels, but the Hilton Malta is far by the best among the rest.

This 5-star hotel has a sauna, day spa, and steam room which can help you relax. It’s also a perfect choice if you’re traveling with your family.  

7th Day 

Don’t miss out on Marsaxlokk, a charming fisherman’s village near Valletta and St. Julian’s. The colorful boats, called luzzus, are also a stunning sight perfect for pictures.

The settlement also managed to preserve a traditional lace-making craft, called Bizzilla. These laces made with Spanish silk are great souvenirs. 


Whether you’re staying in Malta for a day or week, these travel itineraries are perfect for your holiday. You won’t miss out the spectacular things Malta has in store for you. 


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